When you decide to buy a vehicle at a car auction you need to be sure that your safety is preserved and money is well-spent. It is a considerable lifetime investment, so you need to collect all the available data about the vehicle and its history.
In the modern world, it is so easy to come across a dishonest person who would modify the information to their benefit. That's why we created this service to help you gain a better understanding of what you are looking for and what you can expect.
Bids History is an online auto auction data marketplace that was created by enthusiasts from Ukraine a few years ago.
What is Bids History?
When you research the information about the auction lots and bids, you can find various data that may be outdated and non-relevant. It may get a little tricky trying to sort out and filter all the information that you can find.
For this reason, we have created Bids History, to provide you with comprehensive data about Copart salvage vehicles auctions. The service will give you the statistics of auction activity, including recent bids, historical prices, and technical specifications of the vehicle.
Browsing the details about the lots is simple. Via Bids History search system you can filter the vehicles by VIN, makes and models, type of vehicle, and other features.
Bids History provides you with transparent and accurate information about the vehicle you are researching. You can browse the statistics, compare the bids, and analyze the auction activity based on the reliable and valid information from the direct source. Our tool is an open system, so anyone can join and benefit from it. Get comprehensive information and save your time.