Benefit of Bids History

Stop guessing what the vehicle is worth - receive the complete statistical report with genuine and 100% reliable and precise information.

Recent Bids and Sales

Browse the most recent bids and sales at the Copart Salvage Vehicles auction.
See the bid history, technical specifications of the vehicle and key features of the lot updated daily.
Collect and analyze information to quickly find the options that interest you.

Accurate and Transparent Data

By availing Bids History service, you will receive detailed, accurate and transparent data report based on actual lots at Copart auction. Bids History is a simple search system that enables you to browse Copart Salvage Vehicles auction statistics based on recent lots and the overall report for a long period of time. You can easily find the targeted information, compare and analyze the data without wasting your precious time on extensive online research.

Customize Your Search

You can find any types of vehicles presented at Copart auction. You can filter the vehicles by the VIN number, type of vehicle, make and model of the vehicle, location and the type of damage. You can see older or newer lots as well as sort them out by the price and year. Get all the comprehensive data in one place.

Why Bids History?

We provide you with easy-to-find, comprehensive and transparent data based on the actual and recent lots. You get accurate and simple statistical report which will help you analyze the auction activity, view the bidding history and effectively educate yourself on pricing. If you are a dealer, these statistical data will help you discover profitable opportunities, avoid the checkered vehicle history, learn more about the sellers and bid wisely. We guarantee to provide you with accurate and verified information that will help you avoid the fraud, precisely analyze the data and save you time. Join Bids History to benefit from the accurate and comprehensive statistics which will help you find the best salvage vehicle for your next project. If you have any questions, suggestions or require additional information, don't hesitate to contact us at any time at contact page.

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